The Czech association Stiga Game is organizing a team tournament of the World Cup of Clubs on April 21, 2024.
This is the 9th World Club Championship in history. Of the previous eight, three took place in the Czech Republic. The first one took place in Pilsen back in 1996. The most clubs in history took place in Letovice ten years ago, when this competition last visited the Czech Republic.

Clubs registered in the ITHF world rankings by January 31, 2024 with players who will be on its roster on the last transfer day can participate in the tournament. Clubs are invited to the tournament exactly according to the rules for the World Club Championship established by the ITHF.

Order of team invitations:

  • According to the rules of point 2.3.1, the first three clubs invited are the top three clubs according to the world rankings: BJC Laimite, THC Nertus, and THC Stiga Elites.
  • Following this, as per point 2.3.2, one team from each member country of ITHF will be invited. Representatives from each country will be contacted.
  • CASG will use three wild cards for Czech teams based on the world rankings.
  • Next in line will be teams on the waiting list, in the following order: the top club from the highest-ranked country, the highest club from the second-highest-ranked country, and the highest team from the third-highest-ranked country. Once all ITHF member countries have selected invitations for their top clubs, the second-best clubs from member countries will follow, and so on.
  • If there are fewer than 32 clubs registered, B-teams from already registered clubs will be added. The ranking will be determined by the world rankings of the top three players in each B-team.
  • Order of the 17 ITHF member countries: Latvia, Sweden, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Slovenia, Germany, Canada, Hungary, USA, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, and Portugal (clubs from Russia and Belarus will not be able to participate, and Lithuania is not an ITHF member).

The tournament will be held on Sunday 21 April 2024.

7:30 – doors open
7:45 – registration begins
8:30 – registration ends, groups are drawn
9:00 – basic groups start
lunch break
final groups
about 21:00 – final ceremony
The lunch break will take 90 minutes.

Menza KAJETÁNKA (university canteen)

Radimova 35/12
16200 Prague 6 - Brevnov

GPS: 50.0873786N, 14.3711392E

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Public transport arrival: bus stop Kajetánka - bus 180 from Dejvická metro station (buses leave from Šolínova Street), or from Zličín; or tram stop Drinopol - tram 25 from Hradčanská, or 22/32 from Malostranská.

Public Transport (ENG)

Parking: on weekends free of charge in the "purple zone": streets Na Zástřelu, Mládeže, Bělohorská; or use garages/parking lots in the vicinity of Dejvická/Zličín stations.